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Apollo rebrands to OpenLoop.

Welcome back to those of you who were with us from the start. To highlight the open network we're building in healthcare, we've changed our name to OpenLoop! We're excited to continue creating connections for our medical providers and facilities who are in the loop.

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Your previous recruiter likely took 30-70% of your hourly wage. OpenLoop connects you to hospitals with our technology so you can earn more.

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OpenLoop helps you find recurring shifts that connect you with patients in need.

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Find the shifts that you want to work in locations you want to travel. All shift details provided in advance.

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What Happened To The Art Of Medicine?


Loss of Private Practice

In 2009, hospitals surpassed private practice employment. This grew staffing agencies and managed service providers who then could control the search for jobs.


The Staffing Agencies Took Over

Next came the growth of staffing agencies and managed service providers controlling the search for jobs. Clinicians saw limited opportunities and had to sign exclusivity contracts to find jobs.


Clinicians Started Earning Less

Today, jobs are still being hidden from clinicians looking for opportunities. OpenLoop is here to make the change back to provider powered medicine.

OpenLoopers Earn The Highest Rates, Guaranteed.

On average, clinicians working with OpenLoop make 40% more in their part-time shifts.

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Since our launch in January of 2020, we've registered over 5,432+ clinicians and 93 partner institutions. We're constantly adding partners to our network to increase your practice opportunities.